15 Famous Celebrities That Use Argan Oil

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Argan oil has been propelled into the spotlight in recent times via renowned chefs, professional hairdressers, expert dermatologists and simply casual users. For those people dealing with issues and problems mainly on their hair and skin, the timing could not be any better. It is from argan fruits that the oil is extracted.
Through the intense manual labor performed by the very best hands of Berber women, the product is produced over a period of roughly 15 hours or so. There are times that their extreme efforts result in their being able to produce 100% pure organic argan oil! Some may view it as a bit costly, but the truth is that the natural fatty acids, nutrients and vitamins contained are truly worth every penny spent.

As its native and healthy contents are lavishly enjoyed by more and more people, a continuing list of celebrities have signed on to take advantage of this amazing product to rebalance, rejuvenate and revitalize their personal beauty. Look at this list of celebrities happily putting this great product to use. They are so happy they discovered the golden oil and have truly been so astounded and satisfied by the results they have experienced. It has gotten to the point that they simply feel they cannot be without this product on hand. Here are some of those enjoying its use!

1) Selena Gomez
She is no longer the child that starred in Barney & Friends, that great children TV series. Yes, the American singer and actress did in fact come of age looking absolutely lovely and stunning. And recently, this beautiful lady confirmed that in her secret beauty closet, Argan oil occupies a prime place. She is happy to say how much she simply loves the hair treatment it offers her. She is so happy how it nourishes her hair and encourages such a healthy growth.

2) Taylor Swift
Die to the need for frequent hair styling, Taylor, the famous American singer, songwriter and stage performer was becoming aware of different hair damages. So she has put this great natural product to use to rebalance and regain her hair nourishment. And before any photoshoots, to help her hair to be soft looking, silky and shiny all the way down, she will put the golden oil to use.

3) Eva Mendes
“My total skin secret is Argan oil from Morocco. It is so spectacular!” Talking about her skin secret, these were the precise words used by the American actress, singer and model. As a skin moisturizer that can go with her all day long, Mendes so loves the golden oil. She puts it to use constantly to help maintain the look she is seeking.

4) Gisele Bundshen
This lovely fashion model from Brazil always has her skin looking beautiful and flawless. She uses the Argan oil to soften and soothe her lovely skin. And she is happy to report that the oil has become such an important contributor to her personal beauty routine.

5) Charlize Theron
The Oscar-winning American and South African actress has talked about how her hair’s normal growth has been regained with the help of the Argan oil. She explains how she uses it as a leave-in-conditioner. In addition, she uses it to soften and smooth her hair. Her split endy hairs have been greatly diminished using the product and she continues to enjoy natural restoration.

6) Catherine Zeta-Jones
Still one of the stunning faces in Hollywood is this beautiful Welsh actress. And she continues to marvel the world by constantly looking so much younger than her age. She happily reports how before sleeping, she saturates her facial skin with the Argan oil.

7) Kim Kardashian
Kim uses the Argan oil for both hair and skin moisturizer, and you may want to read what she writes in Moroccan Argan Oil Is My Beauty Secret.

8) Salma Hayek
As the final touch treatment for her extraordinary hair, the Mexican-American film actress uses the Argan oil.

9) Julianne Moore
For hydrated skin and splendid hair, Argan oil is the American-Scottish actress’ personal choice.

10) Jennifer Lopez
The ever busy beauty used the Moroccan hair oil to stand out even more at the 82nd Academy Awards celebration!

11) Scarlett Johansson
This beautiful lady looked simply remarkable at the Golden Globes Awards where the American actress, singer and model simply turned so many heads. The golden oil she used produced a completely shiny effect that simply looked so beautiful.

12) Emma Stone
Emma has stated how she uses argan oil as a skin and facial moisturizer, and one of the world’s highest paid actresses has been so pleased by the results.

13) Angelina Jolie
This great actress, humanitarian, filmmaker and simply great lady loves keeping her hair and skin moisturized in a completely natural way. The golden oil gets this done perfectly for her!

14) Josie Maran
Showing her liking of Argan oil, Maran has said, “This great product is essentially a super food for the body”. Her hair and skin elegance continues to be maintained by the golden oil.

15) Miley Cyrus
For her hair repair, the American actress, singer and songwriter employs the use of Maijan Organic Hemp Seed & Argan Oil and she simply loves it.
This great product simply gets the job done, why don’t you give it a try today?

Researchers have labored for many years now to discover just how argan oil is so good for one’s hair and skin. Through their efforts, the oil is deservedly gaining greater and greater national attention. It contains a high level of concentration of Vitamin E, fatty acids, polyphenols, proteins, sterols, ferulic acid, squalene, carotenoids, anti oxidants, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging and anti-bacterial properties. By the Argan fruits these properties are naturally inherited, and it can produce smoother, shinier and silkier hair strands and a flawless, spotless and very healthy skin condition.

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